The 2012 P4P European Championships. Now 5 Discs...10 hours of Action!

This event, recorded February 2-5 in Bonn, Germany, features all of Europe's top players along with Americans Pappas, Moore and Spredeman. "This is the best P4P action that we have ever recorded", says Jim Stevens, who commentated the event with his partner Ben Mason. Frederic Collignon of Belgium, Switzerland's Christain Szule and Gilles Perrin, German stars Thierry Muller, Jamal Allalou, Ingo Aufderheide and Austria's Andreas Esterbauer all make appearances, along with many other of table soccer's biggest names. We had so much great action from this exciting event that we had to expand it to 10 hours of championship action! This 5-disc set sells for $50 and will begin shipping the week of February 27th.



Robert Atha vs.  Enzo La e'Trella
Billy Pappas vs. Andreas Esterbauer
Marc Balic/Stefan Schoderer vs. Safabey Karadag/Stefan Göhde
Björn Brose vs. Gilles Perrin
Christopher Marks vs. Ryan Moore
Michael Strauss/Roland Töppe vs. Ingo Aufderheide/Marcus Salewski


Frederic Collignon vs. Thierry Müller
Roland Prisi/Mario Kempf vs. Andreas Esterbauer/Marc Balic
Frederic Collignon vs. Billy Pappas
Andreas Esterbauer vs. Ryan Moore
Billy Pappas vs. Robert Atha


Christian Szüle vs. Marc Balic
Frederic Collignon/Jamal Allalou vs. Billy Pappas/Ryan Moore
Pro DYP Final: Frederic Collignon/Winfried Neuhaus vs. Andreas Esterbauer/Marc Balic
Muhammet Ertürk/Knuth Strecker vs. Frederic Collignon/Jamal Allalou


Robert Atha vs. Christian Szüle
Open Singles Final: Marc Balic vs. Frederic Collignon
Mixed Doubles Final: Tony Spredeman/Vivianne Widjaja vs. Frederic Collignon/Sandra Ranff
Frederic Collignon/Jamal Allalou vs. Christian Szüle/Thierry Müller


Nations Cup Final: Belgium vs. Netherlands
Muhammet Ertürk/Knuth Strecker vs. Christian Szüle/Thierry Müller
Open Doubles Final: Muhammet Ertürk/Knuth Strecker vs. Frederic Collignon/Jamal Allalou

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