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InsideFoos Forms the Inside Sports Media Academy

InsideFoos Announces the Formation of the Inside Sports Media Academy! The Inside Sports Media Academy is a regularly held instructional seminar Live coaching from industry professionals is provided at no charge Interns/Trainees that are a part of the InsideFoos team have access to the Academy

InsideFoos Acquires Foos Talk Live

InsideFoos Announces Acquisition of the FoosTalk Live Radio/Podcast! • The FoosTalk Live Radio/Podcast has rapidly garnered an international following• Through year one the podcast now boasts tens of thousands of downloads• Analytics indicate the popularity of the show continue to scale swiftly upward• Founder Tom

InsideFoos Accepts Invitations to Live Stream

Live streaming at InsideFoos is back! Coverage will be presented at for NO CHARGE. These events will premiere the new InsideFoos team featuring the undeniable voice of Jim Stevens: Moneyball in Portland, Oregon on April 29th-May 2nd 30th Texas State Championship in Dallas, Texas

Welcome to InsideFoos!

Commentator Jim Stevens and InsideFoos have covered the world of professional table soccer since 1993. Using a combination of live and recorded video content, we have brought the sport of pro foosball into homes and foosball clubs around the world.  InsideFoos is the “ESPN” of