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Foosball Lover’s Gift Guide

13 Unique Gift Ideas for the Foosball Lover in your life.

Discover the perfect foosball-themed gifts for enthusiasts! Our curated collection features unique and thoughtful ideas that will delight any foosball fiend, and all links are to small businesses owned by members of the global foosball community. From stylish accessories to game-enhancing gear, find the ideal gift to score big with your foosball fanatic friends and family.

Foosball Apparel

Unwrap the joy of giving with apparel– a gift that blends style and practicality. From trendy fashion statements to cozy essentials, clothing is a versatile and thoughtful choice for any occasion. These sites below offer a wide array of fasion choices for the foosball lover in your life.


Started by multi-time World Champion Linh Tran and her partner Tobi Mueller, FooX is the first clothing brand exclusively for foosball. Their Beast line offers cool designs for the foosball pro and amateur alike.

Check out their website for more options, including their “Foosball Athlete” line for the competitors in your life!


Right here at InsideFoos, we have multiple lines of foosball apparel. Our Designs by Andrei collection, created by UK-based fooser Andrei Russell-Gebbett, has something for everyone, with styles ranging from abstract to cheeky.

We also have some special Christmas-themed home goods. Check out more at our shop.


Their Next-Level t-shirts are incredibly soft, and come in a few standard designs. If you have something specific in mind, you can reach out to them to create a custom foosball shirt made specially for your loved one!

Foosgear also offers tables, parts, training gear and more. Check out their site for more ideas!

Foosball Sports Network

The brainchild of Texas fooser Jason Wicks, Foosball Sports Network was created with quality as a key tenet of its mission. Their shop is one of the few places where you can buy authentic Tornado-branded apparel.

In addition to the above designs, there are many more styles including jerseys whose proceeds go to top players to help them keep doing what they do. The Foosball Sports Network also has a wide collection of tables and parts. Browse their full catalog here.

Foosball Decor

Transform their space into a haven of warmth and style with the gift of home decor. Thoughtful and timeless, home decor items add a personal touch to any room. From foosball-themed Christmas decorations to high-end custom lighting, choose a gift that turns their house into a cherished home.

Metal Designs by Adrian Lopez

Adrian Lopez is a foosball lover based out of California. A few years ago, he started selling custom cup-holders to attach to tables at tournaments. Since then, he’s branched out, crafting beautiful metal foosball ornaments that look great on any tree (and would fit in any stocking)!

He now has a range of products, so whether you’re looking for stocking-stuffers or useful table attachments, check out his instagram to see other wares and place an order.

Liley 3D Prints

Scott and Candy Liley are staples of not only the Missouri foosball community, but the US tournament scene overall. They do custom 3D printing of foosball men and tables in a variety of products, from keychains to models to unique foosball lamps!

If the foosball lover in your life has a favorite table or favorite color, the Liley’s have you covered on customization. Reach out them by phone at +1 618-210-4418 to make an order.

Lights by 1OAK Designs

Founded in 2023 by Canadian foosball player and entrepreneur Duaine Menezes, 1OAK Designs is just getting started. They make beautiful custom neon lighting and also have a few out-of-the box designs. These lights are a perfect addition to your favorite foosball venue or for lighting up a foosball fanatic’s room!

Reach out to them on Instagram to make your custom order.

Training Gear

If your foosball fan is driven, elevate their competitive journey with the perfect gift– training gear designed to boost performance and ignite their passion for foosball. From innovative equipment to neccesities like balls and wraps, empower the foosball enthusiast in your life to reach new heights. Give the gift of strength, endurance, and unstoppable motivation.


Rodlocks are so simple yet such a powerful practice tool. They directly attach to your table, locking the rods in place so that you can practice shooting on specific defensive formations without having to constantly reset.

They come in a variety of colors, and they’re small enough to be stocking stuffers! You can buy them here.


Founded near the start of the pandemic by foosball greats Ellen Moon, Brandon Moreland, and Tony Spredeman, FoosBySeries has a catalogue of foosball lessons taught by the best of the best.

They also offer private lessons! What better for a competitive fooser than an hour with one of the greats? Reach out to them at to schedule!


Foosgadgets began in 2019 with the idea that with technology, one could enhance the foosball experience to make it more widely enjoyed. Their flagship product was the SpeedBridge, which tracks the number and speed of shots. They’ve since released more advanced versions that can keep score and more.

Foosgadgets offers many products that would be perfect for a high-tech foos enthusiast or anyone who wants to gameify their practice sessions. Check out their site for more details.


FoosFit is the most advanced training tool for foosball on the market. It is a programmable robot that uninvasively attaches to the table and moves the rods.

The product comes with a FoosFocus app that allows you to change the settings and has additional practice tools. You can order directly on their site. has a myriad of offerings for any foosball enthusiast– apparrel, gear, parts, new tables, instructional DVDs, and more. They even have helpful packages, like a set of parts to upgrade your table.

They even have their own gift idea section for you to peruse!

InsideFoos Subscription

Whether the foosballer in your life is interested in improving their game or just love to watch the sport, an InsideFoos subscription will give them access to thousands of hours of recorded matches from decades of foosball around the world in addition to exclusive livestreams at the biggest tournaments worldwide.

Buy a gift subscription here.

Finding the best gift for foosball players

The best gift for the foosball lover in your life will be a thoughtful one. What better way to show you care than getting them a relevant gift that comes from a foosball community-owned business?

Are you the owner of a small foosball-related business and want to be on this list? Email us.

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