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InsideFoos Accepts Invitations to Live Stream

Live streaming at InsideFoos is back! Coverage will be presented at for NO CHARGE. These events will premiere the new InsideFoos team featuring the undeniable voice of Jim Stevens:

  • Moneyball in Portland, Oregon on April 29th-May 2nd
  • 30th Texas State Championship in Dallas, Texas on May 28th-31st
  • Beach Town Beatdown in Lakeworth, Florida on June 11th-13th

(London, England) April 2nd, 2021 – InsideFoos, the global leader in foosball media entertainment and coverage, dedicated to driving widescale visibility to the sport, today announced commitments to live stream and archive three tournaments from U.S. Coast to Coast. These tournaments are a prelude to an expected international schedule in Europe and an early opportunity to provide the foosball community the entertainment they have been anxiously waiting for.

“We are ecstatic that live tournaments have started anew. Our innovative team in tandem with our months long efforts have prepared us to excite the fans with our coverage. With the incredible and continued support from our Kickstarter pledges (visit InsideFoos Kickstarter) our technical offering will only improve to provide a higher quality product,” said Stephen Lyall, Chief Executive Officer, InsideFoos.

About InsideFoos
InsideFoos shows the world the sport of foosball. As the global leader in foosball entertainment spanning close to three decades, we have covered over 250 international foosball events, including 45 different World Championships, held on 9 different foosball tables, in over a dozen countries.

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