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InsideFoos Acquires Foos Talk Live

InsideFoos Announces Acquisition of the FoosTalk Live Radio/Podcast!

• The FoosTalk Live Radio/Podcast has rapidly garnered an international following
• Through year one the podcast now boasts tens of thousands of downloads
• Analytics indicate the popularity of the show continue to scale swiftly upward
• Founder Tom Robinson will remain at the helm of the podcast as Executive Producer of the show

(London, England) April 8th, 2021 – InsideFoos, the worlds most recognizable foosball media company, today announced the procurement of the FoosTalk Live Radio show. This acquisition comes after months of partnership and dialogue regarding the success of the show, and the clear benefit to both brands. Executive Producer, Tom Robinson, sees this relationship as an opportunity to push the show to even greater heights.

“The brilliant success of the FoosTalk Live Podcast is clearly the result of Tom’s decades of expertise and professionalism in radio, combined with the knowledge and presentation of our very own Jim Stevens. This acquisition gives InsideFoos one more medium to deliver amazing entertainment to our fans, as we push the envelope of foosball entertainment and promotions across multiple platforms,” said Stephen Lyall, Chief Executive Officer, InsideFoos.

About InsideFoos
InsideFoos shows the world the sport of foosball. As the global leader in foosball entertainment spanning close to three decades, we have covered over 250 international foosball events, including 45 different World Championships, held on 9 different foosball tables, in over a dozen countries. 

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