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Welcome to InsideFoos!

Commentator Jim Stevens and InsideFoos have covered the world of professional table soccer since 1993. Using a combination of live and recorded video content, we have brought the sport of pro foosball into homes and foosball clubs around the world. 

InsideFoos is the “ESPN” of table soccer. We are the central location for table soccer news, entertainment and information, provided in a professional manner live from events, on the road, and in the studio. 

Our goals include: 

Uniting the foosball community, keeping them connected and entertained through our informative and interactive platforms.

Creating new foosball players and fans by utilizing our stable of star players to teach “pro-style” foosball to beginning players around the world.

Showcasing the sport to foosballers around the world using the skills of play-by-play announcer Jim Stevens and the InsideFoos video crew.

Raising the profile of professional table soccer among the general public by producing “broadcast quality” live coverage of events, instructional videos and special features about the sport and its players.

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